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Aces Games Catalog 2023


The Aces Games Catalog 2023 collects all our products currently for sale, with descriptions and our availability of partnerships with both retailers and individual clients.

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LAST UPDATE: 10-11-2023

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Aces Games is an Italian ttrpg publisher officially born in 2019, although well in business since 2013.

Over our decade of activity, we have published five games with their own, proprietary system, for a total of 25 books, including base manuals and supplements.

In 2023 our games have landed both in the Unites States and the rest of Europe by publishing the horror RPG VHS: Very Horror Stories (Best Adventure nominee at the Ennies Awards) in English, soon followed by the necrofantasy RPG Unglorious, which ran in Italy for Roleplay Game of the Year 2021.

We strive to bring to our players games that are original and high quality as we can, working side by side with all manners of professionals, from artists to editors, writers and graphic designers, as well as providing tailored advice to the emergent creators of the next generation. We firmly believe in making the dice-rolling world better than we found it and this is our commitment to do so.

Discover this and much more in the Aces Games 2023 Product Catalog.