Unglorious: Kha'Andar Castle [PDF]

Unglorious: Kha’Andar Castle [PDF]


Unglorious: The Kha’Andar Castle [PDF] includes:

  • Background;
  • 1 New Order;
  • 3 New Updgrades;
  • 3 New Spells;

Supplement for Unglorious, Necro-fantasy RPG
Format: Digital
Pages: 2, color
Year: 2023


The story of the Kha’Andar Castle is a sad one.

The traveler from a distant future, a certain Brute Campell, known for having deciphered some of the formulas of the Necrocomicon, had hidden the book along with his own notes for coding it in the castle of a friend of his, Lord Arterius. The Kha’Andar Castle.

Brute Campell’s cruel twin, born following the reading of some passages of the tome, was determined to take possession of it and, to do so, set up an army of the undead (which in the meantime he had joined after a close encounter with Brute’s rifle) with which to storm the castle, and took the name of Lord Badash.

The armies of Lord Arterius could do nothing against the overwhelming numerical superiority of the dead trained by Badash, who after a bloody night battle conquered the castle and razed it to the ground, thus conquering the Necrocomicon full of notes on its use. Later, like many other structures of great repute, the castle was replicated in the world of the dead, where even now Lord Badash and his army of rowdy dead celebrate victory day and night. A merry (and dangerous) clique, no doubt about it. The Kha’Andar Castle has since been famous for hosting large parties that gather all the scum from the Salt Fields. And while on the lower floors the sounds of drums echo to the rhythm of dancing, in one of the towers, Lord Badash is obsessed with deciphering the passages of the book… which he is unable to read due to the incomprehensible writing of his twin Brute.

Many brave dead have tried to steal Lord Badash’s Necrocomicon over time but his soldiers, though perpetually drunk, are too many to deal with. Many others instead prefer to travel to the castle to join the party.