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Unglorious: The Coffin Factory [PDF]


Unglorious: The Coffin Factory [PDF] includes:

  • Background;
  • 1 New Order;
  • 3 New Updgrades;
  • 3 New Spells;

Supplement for Unglorious, Necro-fantasy RPG
Format: Digital
Pages: 2, color
Year: 2023


Some time ago an association formed in the Orchard which insisted on forcing the Lords of the Orchard to create coffin constructs that would function as mobile cemeteries. Their aim would have been to collect any bodies lost in the world of the living, giving them a worthy (albeit a little impersonal) burial and the possibility of accessing the Orchard directly as Squishies.

The members of A Squishier Orchard eventually won and so it was that the Lords of the Orchard authorized the building of a factory in the Salt Fields that would allow the creation of these constructs. What seemed like a good idea, however, turned out to be a decision taken too lightly. In fact, the constructs, once they arrived in the world of the living, managed to complete their task in too short a time and then just wandered unchecked in the lands of the world of the living.

At that point, the denizens of the World of Mora became angry with the gods for allowing such an unfortunate choice, and began to pray that the production of the constructs would stop. And so it did.

The Coffin Factory was therefore closed, but the powers that fueled the creation of the constructs still remain in what is now a nightmarish compound of sheds, in which cemeteries come to life.