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Unglorious: The Pumpkin Fields [PDF]


Unglorious: The Pumpkin Fields [PDF] includes:

  • Background;
  • 1 New Order;
  • 3 New Updgrades;
  • 3 New Spells;

Supplement for Unglorious, Necro-fantasy RPG
Format: Digital
Pages: 2, color
Year: 2023



A festivity originating from who knows where, without an apparent meaning and whose origins are lost in the labyrinth of hypotheses, one more stupid than the other. In the period in which the dead are freer to wander in the world of the living, the houses, castles and huts in the middle of the woods are adorned with sinister decorations, cheap decorations and above all pumpkins. Carved pumpkins, to be exact.

Then the days go by, the festivities die out like a candle that has reached the end of its wick, and all these decorations get bundled up, then finally thrown into some stream or cave… ready to be claimed by the Orchard.

And it’s from the rotten pumpkins that fall into the Salt Fields, combined with the rubbish they carry with them, that the Pumpkin Fields are born, now a completely autonomous kingdom controlled by its scavengers (now self-proclaimed rulers) – the Pumpkings.


Every year the Pumpkin Fields increase in size, and it’s believed that the Pumpkings are directing their expansion, aiming to invade the Mortopolis with a sea of moldy gourds, plastic vines and rubber bats.